General Violin Care and Maintenance
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General Violin Care and Maintenance

2018-06-14 16:50:04

General violin Care and Maintenance

1.   1.     It is best to handle your instrument by the neck. The natural oils from our skin attract dust and rosin to the varnish.

2.     Let your violin string keep loose if you don’t play it for a long time. This way you can keep the top plate stretched. But not excessive loose to keep the bridge and sound post on the position

3.       If the violin under humidity condition, the pegs could be very tight to turn around. Then keep it on ventilative dry place, waiting for the pegs shrink and use specific wax to keep them turn     smoothly

4.       Be sure to pay attention to the bridge tilt when you tuning, make it upright carefully with your hand and align the bridge at middle of two “f” hole notch. Change bridge once the bridge bent

5.       Use soft cloth to cleaning rosin and sweat after playing to prevent rosin dust from building up, don’t use alcohol gasoline to avoid varnish dissolve.

6.       Don’t put mothball or other volatile matter in violin case. They can soft varnish.

7.       Instrument should be keep in violin case, don’t hang it outside prevent from humidity and sunburn that could cause glue failure.

8.       Keep bow hair loose after practice each time, cleaning the rosin and keep your hand away from oil matter.

9.       Professional player should change string each 3~6months, non-specialist should change string one time each year.

10.     Violin wood is most afraid of dampness, keep your violin under dry condition with humidity between 60%~40%.

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